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21st October 2009

New Balance appoints Team Fatbird as official Marathon Pacers for the SCSM'09
New Balance is happy to appoint Team FatBird as the Official Marathon Pacers for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 (SCSM09). Partnering with New Balance, the official apparel sponsor of SCSM09, Team FatBird, comprising of experienced distance runners and marathoners, will offer Pace Groups at the SCSM09 for the Full Marathon and Half Marathon. Riding on the success of the teamís Marathon Pacing efforts at the SCSM08, Team FatBird is thrilled to bring the "Follow Our Pace, Win Your Race" philosophy to the Singapore Marathon 2009, complementing the SCSM09 'Your Spirit, Our Inspiration' theme. The Marathon Pacers are currently undergoing a 12-week Marathon Pacer Training Program. "We are very pleased to be working with Team FatBird on this project. I believed the experience that they have picked up in previous races will enable them to assist all, whether you are first-timer and/or a seasoned marathoner, in having a better race this year." Patrick Wong, Country Representative of New Balance.

About Team FatBird:
Team FatBird is a congregation of highly passionate runners who are experienced in distance running from 10km to full marathons. Empowered with the necessary experience and expertise, the team excels in the areas of organising and leading group training, running and pacing events. For more information about Team FatBird and its running activities, please visit

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